Silas the Inventor

Written By: Susie - Nov• 04•14

Once upon a time there was a funny guy named Silas. Silas was an inventor. He invented all kinds of contraptions. His house looked like a mess, but he had some really cool things. One day Silas decided he wanted to fly.

“I am going to invent some wings and fly,” Silas told his friend Jesse.

“Now I really know you’re crazy. You won’t even get off the ground,” “said Jesse.

“You’ll see,” said Silas.

So he went down to his workshop and began working. Day and night, he worked. No one saw Silas for weeks. Then one day he came out of his workshop with a great big grin on his face.

He called Jesse on the phone. “Jesse, tomorrow I will fly, but I need your help,” said Silas.

“Did you really build some wings?” asked Jesse.

“Yeah and they are really beautiful,” said Silas. “They’re a little heavy though. I need you to help me drag them up to the top of Kill Devil Hill.”

“What did you make them out of?” asked Jesse.

“I made them out of some scrap metal I had laying around from when I built my helicopter last year,” said Silas.

“Metal! Don’t you think that will be too heavy to use for wings?” asked Jesse.

“No, I calculated all of the angles. I will be like a human airplane,” said Silas.

Jesse just rolled his eyes. “Ok, I will be over first thing in the morning and we’ll try them out,” said Jesse.

“See you then,” said Silas .

The next morning they dragged the wings up to the top of Kill Devil Hill and Silas strapped them on.

“Are you sure those are not too heavy? asked Jesse again.

“No, the faster I run, the lighter they will get. The wind will lift me up and I will be flying,” said Silas, quite confidently.

“All right, I am going to get a running start and take off,” said Silas. So, Silas backed up about fifty feet and started running. As he ran, the weight of the wings started to wear out his legs and he got lower and lower to the ground. Just as he got to the crest of the hill, his legs gave out and he skidded across the ground on his face.

After Jesse rolled around on the ground laughing for about a minute, he got up and asked Silas if he was Ok.

“Yeah, Yeah, real funny,” said Silas. “I guess you may be right they are a little heavy, but I know the shape is just right. I will just go back to the workshop and make them out of another material. Something lighter”

A couple of weeks later Silas called up Jesse.

“I’ve done it,” said Silas.

“You’ve done what?” asked Jesse.

“I reworked the wings. I made them out of wood and tissue paper. These things are so light I may get going by simply jumping off the roof. Come on over, I need a witness,” said Silas. “I’m on the way,” said Jesse.

When Jesse arrived, Silas was already up on the roof with these hilarious looking pink wings.

“Pink wings!” laughed Jesse.

“Yeah, this is the stuff I had left over from when I invented that giant Pig robot we used on Halloween last year,” said Silas.

“So you think you’re just going to jump off and fly?” asked Jesse.

“Yeah. Here goes,” said Silas.

He backed up a little and took a quick dash and a jump.

Aaaaaaaaaaagh, SMACK! The wings broke right off and Silas landed on his head in the middle of some bushes next to the house.

After Jesse rolled around on the ground laughing for about a minute, he got up and asked Silas if he was Ok.

“Yeah, Yeah, real funny,” said Silas. “I guess they may have been a little weak, but I know the shape is just right. I will just go back to the workshop and make them out of another material. Something not as heavy as the scrap metal and not as light as the tissue paper.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” said Jesse as he rolled his eyes.

A couple of weeks later Silas called up Jesse.

“I’ve really done it this time,” said Silas.

“You’ve done what?” asked Jesse.

“I reworked the wings. I made them out of wax and balsa wood. These things look just like bird’s wings. Meet me at Kill Devil Hill, I need a witness,” said Silas.

“I’m on the way,” said Jesse.

When Jesse arrived, he saw the wings. They did look good!

“I need you to help me strap them on,” said Silas.

Jesse helped him strap on the wings. They fit real snug. There was a handle under each wing out near the tip for Silas to use to move the wings up and down and a belt that went around his waist so that they would not fall off.

“Here we go,” yelled Silas as he backed up and began running towards the crest of the hill.

He didn’t slow down and just as he got to the edge of the hill, he started to lift up into the air. He was flying! YAHOOO! Yelled Silas.

He flew and flew just laughing and hooting. He flew higher and higher. He was really getting high now, and he started to worry. “How do I land these things?” he asked himself.

That question was about to be answered. All of a sudden, he noticed that his wings were starting to melt. He had risen so high, that the sun was starting to melt the wax he used to make the wings. Pretty soon he had little tiny wings and he was flying about a hundred miles an hour down towards the woods.

“Boy this is going hurt again,” said Silas to himself.

He crashed into the trees.

Jesse ran up, “Are you all right?” he asked.

“Yeah, I think so, but I am definitely going to quit trying to fly. This is too rough on the body,” said Silas.

To this day, no one believes Jesse when he tells the story of how Silas flew like a bird. It may be good that they do not believe him, because others would probably get hurt, as did Silas. Silas also made a commitment not to invent anything that cannot be used while standing firmly on the ground.

He often tells people, “If people were meant to fly, they would have wings!”

Grimdolf the Bridge Troll

Written By: Susie - Nov• 04•14


Once upon a time there was a troll that lived up under The Creek Bridge down at Low Hollow creek. He was a short old fellow, but very strong. His hair was straight, white, and bushy. On a morning when he woke his hair looked like a mop. His skin was really wrinkly and felt like sandpaper. His clothes were always dirty and smelly. His name was “Grimdolf.”

One day, Grimdolf was sleeping and something woke him up.

Someone was coming! It was a young boy and girl in a carriage.

Every time someone tried to cross the bridge, Grimdolf would jump out in front, cross his arms and demand a piece of silver. “You cannot cross my bridge without giving me silver first,” said Grimdolf, with a scowl on his face. If you didn’t pay, he would throw you over the side.

The boy and girl in the carriage were so scared they could hardly speak. “Ok, we will pay,” said the boy to Grimdolf.

“We have to get home before the storm,” he said to the girl.

Grimdolf let them through and waved as they got to the other side and rode out of sight. He really wasn’t mean, he just wanted to see if people would really pay.

Back under the bridge again, Grimdolf began to hear some wind and it began to rain. It rained harder and harder. Grimdolf began to worry as the water started to rise in the creek. He had always been a grumpy bully, but he could not swim.

Higher and higher it rose. Grimdolf began to sweat.

Grimdolf had to do something quickly or he would be washed down the river.

He got out from under the bridge and went over to the tall fur tree next to the creek. He figured he would climb up high enough that he would not have to worry about the water.

Just as he began to climb, he heard, “Stop, you can’t climb this tree without paying me Five pieces of silver.”

It was Chunky the gorilla. Chunky was a nice gorilla, but he was very tired of seeing Grimdolf causing so much trouble with the people crossing the bridge.

“I only have four silver coins,” said Grimdolf.

“I guess you’ll have to swim for it then,” said Chunky to Grimdolf.

“I don’t know how to swim,” said Grimdolf. “I will surely drown!

“That’s a bummer, you should have saved your money” said Chunky.

“I tell you what I’ll do” said Chunky. “If you will agree not to charge people for crossing the bridge anymore, I will not only let you climb my tree, but you can come into my house and have dinner with me, as I was just getting ready to sit down and eat.”

“It’s a deal,” said Grimdolf.

They sat down, ate dinner, and became very good friends.

From that day forward, Grimdolf became known as the nice troll that lived under the bridge. Whenever someone came down in the hollow to cross The Creek Bridge, Grimdolf would walk and talk with the them as they went across. Sometimes he would even sell them drinks and food from the little store he started next to the bridge.

Now people come to The Creek Bridge, whenever they can, to see Grimdolf. He is actually a real fun guy!

Snidely learned a valuable lesson that he kept for life.

“You should never bully people or act greedily towards others, because you never know when they may be in a position to really offer you a helping hand.”

Sunrise over the rails

Written By: Susie - Oct• 06•14


Did you see the sunrise,
so colourful, vibrant light shimmering?
Did you sight the horizon,
the wonder, waiting there for you to seek?

The clouds blankets over the sun,
as it stretches and wakes,
a pale orange glow is shone lightly,
pink and blues join together in harmony.

When dawn was breaking,
that day was the start of its destiny.
the miracles, wonders that will follow.
But I stood there, alone.

Like parallel lines on a railway track
Our lives shadow one another’s,
Separated only by railway sleepers
or miles of land
We both help provide the track
Upon which rolling-stock travels to its destination.

At times we can become so weighed down
By others travelling, or walking, over us
That we fail to see our own reflections
Or mirror images adjacent to us,
Separate from us but no less similar to us,
In terms of experiences, burdens,
woes and seasons,

It is perhaps only when either, or both,
of us appears to crack
And cause the rolling-stock of
others to be delayed
That we discover similarities in ourselves
to those closest to us
With whom we have hitherto ran alongside,
if not always with,
To enable and empower us with a renewed
sense of breath
With which to question the reason
for our existence and the direction
we and others are going.

I do not know what the future holds,
I cannot see what lies around the corner
Or beyond those hills which currently
obstruct our paths
But I do know, or at least I sense that I wish,
To be there for you, and here with you,
As we journey forwards
together to our unknown destination.


Written By: Susie - Oct• 05•14

Hiding your disability
To give you strength
To infiltrate society
The prize
To be won
The desired opinion
Not to be thought of
To think of it
To become conscious of it
Means inequality
Means to rescind
Capability for

But that prize
That opinion
Already is
I see myself as abled
As I was meant
No more and no less
This summation
Is my daily emancipation

But just as I am the disabled
The incomplete
The disadvantaged
So is society’s perception

It is broken, and hardly useful
It’s shattered knowledge
Is transferred onto my body
My experience
And I look in a million pieces

Align them properly and you will see
I am functional
Disable the ignorance,
And you’ll see me truly
Disable the fear
And you will see charisma
Disable assumption
And you’ll see ambition

The obstacle could be mine
Or it could be yours,
I have destroyed mine,
Now destroy yours
Step in the other direction
You will see a space never traveled
Step in the other direction
I have done this and I will do this too

Save me from enforced mediocrity,
Not the slip and fall that never comes,
Save me from your own clutching hands
Not the fall which my wings need to unfold
Save me from your lamentation
Not my courage
Celebrate my tenacity
Not my martyrdom

The obstacle is mine,
Or it is yours,
Which it is, matters not
Knowledge is yours
It is mine
It is mine to give
And yours to receive
Our mirrors must reflect
The same
The pieces must be fitted identically
For unless our mirrors be skewed by the same
You will not be equal to me
And I will not be equal to you
Human will be mistaken for enemy
And there will be war
The ultimate deception
Is the separation in the reflection

Realignment will end our confinement
The clear reflection will change expectation
And the human will recognize
Its long lost sister
Its wandering brother
The mirrors show disabled and nondisabled,
But make no distinction
In the glittering surface truth is free from distortion
Futures and dreams mingle
Your reflection is mine
My reflection is yours
We become connected
By this understanding
Now the fragments have been gathered
There is no war
And there are no enemies

To reveal your disability,
Is to reaffirm your strength,
Not resign to weakness
With that as part of your identity,
You are welcomed into society
The prize to be won
No longer in denial
But seated firmly in acceptance
To raise my voice in the utterance of
My disability
Is to rescind my life in the shadows
For sunshine

All I want is to be free…

Written By: Susie - Aug• 28•14

imagePain, please leave me,
Please will you just go away?
Quit haunting my every moment,
Stop bothering me every single day.

Pain, this horrible feeling,
What did I do to deserve such pain?
Why are you punishing me?
Why do you have to remain?

Pain, leave me alone,
I will not be consumed by you,
What did I do wrong?
What do I have to do?

Pain, will you continue,
To afflict my every moment?
For the rest of my life,
Or is relief being sent?

Pain, leave me be,
What will drive you away?
I don’t deserve this,
I did not ask for you in any way.

Pain, I wish I could,
Banish you to hell forever,
I will not rely on you,
I don’t believe in you ever.

Pain, stop the torture,
Release your grip on me,
Will you please stop?
All I want is to be free…

Determination, motivation, and the will to go on.

Written By: Susie - Aug• 25•14


Determination, motivation, and the will to go on.
I’m not letting down until it’s all done and gone.
Living up to the dream and always pressing forward.
I’m not giving up but I’ll happily push toward
the finish, the goal , the way to the end.

I know I can with the love of family and friends.
There’s not turning back and I know what I got to do.
I have to get the job done with tears and pain too.
I understand that it’s hard but I’m making a decision;
I’m going to follow through to the slightest precision.
you can’t persuade me, I’ve made up my mind.

So just sit back and support me if you’re so inclined.
Never to walk, but slowly jog I was taught;
I wasn’t raised a quitter from the day I was bought.
Didn’t happen then, not now, not ever.
No matter what you say, I’m going on forever.
The world will always have some hardship or disorder.
So there’s no use in stopping and running for the border.
That doesn’t help, it’s wrong and I’ll tell you why.

Cause nothing in life will be accomplished unless you try.
Prejudices such as sexism and racism can put you to the test.
But to see past gender or colour you can only do your best.
Sometimes it’s tough but really that’s all you should ask.
And when you do less, it doesn’t mean you hide behind a mask.
Nevertheless, I’ve stood up, made my statement, it’s not a lie.
I vow here and now that I’ll try to fulfill it until the day I die.
To never say never even when it’s not as easy as squeezing a lime.
An even with mess-ups and no do-overs, I’m telling myself,
“I’ll get it this time.”


Oh how I wish to be long away from here

Written By: Susie - Aug• 23•14


Oh how I wish to be long away from here,
Amidst the florid breeze,
Unsculpted trees,
Rather than this prison of blockades
And pathetic topiaries.

Where shallow dips turn into gullies and spare not space,
Candle lights, unvisited delights and spectral charm,
That satisfying green of a hill unclimbed and unsurpassed,
Unconquered, unchained countryside where the breeze sways the cloth and not the other way around,
Where night bears no sound.

Oh how I wish to be far from this, these four walls and beyond them
Four more. Again from them
Four more. And again for more than the reason to just be there again,
To be away from here,
To where the skies were clear of metal
And amidst the breeze which tickled and teased,
Flirted skirts and whisked washing lines,
And great azure fields scorched the skies
Or rains fell onto petals, not tears onto metals.

Where wheat puckers, in honey-englazened ground abridged by dowdy meadows,
Blackened by nothing spare their shapely shadows,
And spare not space … unburdened by wall, and brick,
Unburdened by the virulence, the pouting, the sickness that waits on those shadows of brick,
Those shadows of imitation and glamorization, with no sign of life on each seamless curve,
Each portraiture of cottoned stream but fragile dreams
Every ocean canvas another mockery screams,
Four walls encasing four more, for no more reason than to not seem poor, entombing them there,
Stifling the air,
Oh how I wish not to be here!

Oh how I wish to forget this smog, feel the breeze on my face,
All that hangs there now is drooping, melted and congealed,
The butter-drips of sequestered crumpets left lying on my face
Where the brisk breeze may sweep it not,
With no brisk breeze to sweep away this rot;
Undeterred by my memories of forget-me-nots.
To be gone from here
And amidst the titillation of brooks and bees,
The scintillation of uncordoned weather and
Unsculpted trees,
Where I may spy a river with no boat or name,
And all days are different, and every one the same;
Unlike here where every difference is the same.
Oh to be away from here and these morbid responses that congeal on my face as
Blackened crumbs of unfitting meals, the pallor that befits
The transient unwell; coughing bile as it tries and flits
Through those times of forget-me-nots,
Though they bring on flowering fits.
And here it sits with no company spare the reek of forgotten crumpets.

I recall the nights spent on crumbling logs
With lice that scurried towards the mold but no lice
Come towards me now, towards my old
And rotting face that just longs to feel that hold it once had,
That grip of the wind as it swept through an unkempt meadow, the vice
Of an ancient satisfaction with which its youth grew away;
This aged semblance of dignity forever hopes to repay
Those memories of tawdry hay their due;
For without them I’d never know what to put on my walls
Or how to sculpt my trees.


Let me be stronger in life’s trials

Written By: Susie - Aug• 23•14


Let me be stronger in life’s trials, let me embrace change in my life. Give me strength to overcome sadness and pain.

Guide me down my path, where happiness and joy abound.
Alight my world with knowledge and understanding


Help me to understand myself as well as those around me.
Give me insight to my personal faults, that I may change them.
Allow me the understanding I need to carry me through life.
Strengthen my mind, in all that I need to better understand.

The world is huge, and I am but a speck in it.
Let me be a light to others that I may help along the way.
Encourage me that I may shine for you, and others.
Words hold great power, May I never say any thing hurtful to others.

Give me the strength I need to grow and mature in this world.
Let others always see me for who I am and not who they want me to be.
Allow others to accept me as I am, and not try to mold me into someone else.
Let me be a stronger person than I am, and be true to myself.


In memory of Robin Williams

Written By: Susie - Aug• 12•14

Every night in my dreams,
I see your face,
I hear your voice,
and I feel the wind,

Everynight in my dreams,
I fly away,
To Neverland,

and everynight in my dreams,
the dreams end,
with the sad look on your face,
and the tear in your eye,
as the hook plunges down,
I feel like I died,

but then I move,
spured on by my sorrow and love,
and I fall down with you,

I give you the only thing I can,
a hidden thimble,

it gives you wings,
and up you fly,
into the velvet night sky,
and after winning the night,

you come down,
and take me home,
leave me at the window,

but my heart cannot bare it,
so as you turn to go,
I call out your name,

you reach for me,
and I take your hand,
into the night sky we fly,
on the wings of a dream.

Secret window

Written By: Susie - Aug• 09•14


Secret window,
Won’t you open up for me?
Secret window,
Won’t you hear my plea?

Winter’s left,
And summer’s here.
The sun is shining.
Why not let me peer?

The world is too large
To be concealed.
Why not open up
And show your world to me?

Secret window,
Let me peak behind the veil.
Secret window,
Why keep me in this room, so pale?

Only in dreams
Can I replace,
This saddened expression
On my face.

Show me the path
Into your heart.
This impossible dream
That shall keep us apart.

Secret window,
Open up wide.
Secret window,
Show my places few hide.
Open up the great divide.

Show me rivers and mountains!
Valleys and streams!
Forests of green,
Among many things!

Part your curtains,
And show me a world
Full of love and kindness.
Void of death and destruction.

Secret window,
Grant me this prayer.
Secret window,
Were you not taught to care?

Eschewing times from long ago,
The land that was and does bestow
Upon our world a place to live.
Open up, show me how to forgive!

Show your world to me.
Secret window, please set me free.